Business Coaching

Why do people employ personal trainers?

Personal trainers are not needed because people need more knowledge about exercise; they are needed to help people do what they would not do on their own?

Why do sports stars employ coaches?

After all, they most often have greater technical skills than the coach. Coaches help the stars focus on the small changes that can make all the difference.

Why should a business person employ a coach?

Although coaches are likely to have a great deal of experience and knowledge gained through their career, their study and their experience, they will most likely not be the world’s expert on your business. That will be you.

The core of coaching is to raise your awareness and to help you focus on your goals. Coaches do this by asking challenging questions, introducing alternative perspectives and holding you to account.

Who else can you turn to, who is both independent and wholly committed to your success? Successful people know that a coach is an essential member of their team.

The only great coaches are recommendations, but to meet these great coaches you need to network!

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