Samosa Saturday

Women Only Networking

Samosa Saturday is our monthly networking group empowering professional women.

The Samosa Saturday events aim to create a relaxed networking environment for professional females to Network, Learn and Grow. As with all of our events, there is an element of food involved. I this case the event is centred around complimentary Samosas and an inspirational female ‘Keynote Speaker’ who delivers a presentation on a topic of interest to anyone seeking personal or professional development and business growth.

Attendees are given the opportunity of introducing themselves and where applicable their business with a one-minute introduction, at our initial ‘Pitch Perfect’ section of the event, however there is absolutely no pressure to do so. This is followed by the main Keynote Speech for the day and finishes with the ‘Samosa Saturday Skill Special’. The skills specialist shares a valuable skill with the rest of the ladies. This is usually delivered in a workshop format, with maximum audience engagement, involvement and participation in order to empower, inspire and encourage professional women.

Once formalities have finished, directors, encourage active networking amongst all attendees ensuring that new connections are made amongst delegates, so that fruitful relationship are developed for a long term basis. If you wish to network then fine, if not then come along enjoy the food and drink and listen to our inspirational keynote guest speaker, learn a new skill or just simply make new connections. We believe we are an event for non-traditional networkers, as well as experienced networkers.

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Nina Virk
Regional Director - Birmingham
Salma Manzoor
Regional Director - Leicester

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