What’s the Point in Business Networking?

With successful business networking, you need to consider and on-line (internet based) and off-line strategy. If you want to be found, you need to develop & control your personal profile. The best online location for business professionals has to be LinkedIn and the best off-line method is local/regional networking groups such as Pathway2Grow.

10 Reasons why business people attend business networking events:

• Many business people like meeting new people!

• Most business contacts look for business from a business group/network.

• Knowledgeable business people recognise the need for business networking.

• Small business networking provides added value benefits.

• The associated low costs of joining a business network are economically attractive.

• Many business owners like pitching their services and products to other business
contacts and likewise buying from a referred source.

• Most business contacts see the benefits of attending a contact network event that has 25 + people.

• Many business contacts thrive and exploit the group's business contact opportunities.

• Many business people recognise a face to face meeting is better form of forming a business relationship.

• Most business owners consider attending business networks a good investment in time and recommend this to others!

Business networking is critical for increased business growth
Two thirds (66%) of SMEs are now networking in person at least once a week. Approximately 38% say business networking is crucial to their business success.
Business networking provides impressive returns on investment
• One in 5 SMEs (20%) made £10,000 (approx. $15,000) from networking in the past year.
• Almost half (44%) made more than £1,000 –(approx. $1,500)

Recent published figures revealed that business networking accounted for 79% of all new business sales.

7 Reasons Why Business People Don’t Network

Many business owners are procrastinators & ‘foot-draggers’ when it comes to business networking because:

  • No perceived need and No desire to join.
  • Many consider there are a lot of costs and therefore its restrictive.
  • Many are put off because of the inconvenience of travelling to a venue.
  • Many have a fear of pitching their services to others.
  • Most feel attending an event with 25 business people only allows you to speak to 4 or 5 others.
  • Many exhaust the groups business opportunities quickly and become bored.
  • Most perceive it to be an time consuming endeavour with no reward.

Remember these 3 most important TIPS to grow your business by networking

Book onto an event

be a speaker