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Peer MeetUp is about connecting and collaborating with the right people.

Peer Meetup is our brand for a networking with your peers as opposed to conventional networking where attendees are not specific to any particular industry or market. The general idea is to bring people together from a specific industry/sector and the events are more specific and technical with workshop and training sessions for attendees to gain tailored market knowledge. Attendees will also able to meet peers in their industry with a higher success rate of potential collaboration or partnership than any other format including traditional conferences, seminars etc. These events are also free and are usually sponsored.

Every Peer MeetUp is different in format as events run in accordance with the type of industry it is focussed on. Attendees will be able to meet key stake holders in their industry thus saving time when trying to meet the right people from the start. Peer Meetup allows you to build your own network and reputation to your target audiences while gaining and sharing valuable knowledge and experiences. Events allow individuals to showcase their experience through the delivery of presentations and workshops, raising their profile.

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  • For Property People
  • For Legal & Financial People
  • For Care Providers
  • For Marketing People
  • For Hospitality People

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