Winners of The Business Book Awards 2020 Revealed

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On the evening of 23rd March, via a live Facebook Feed, the much-anticipated winners of The Business Book Awards 2020 were announced. Due to these unprecedented times, the London awards gala had to be cancelled but that didn’t stop many of the UK’s top thought-leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, publishers and journalists joining the virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the books set to transform the way we do business, live and work in 2020.

From a shortlist of 73 brilliant books, across 11 categories, the judges have chosen the most innovative, pioneering and game-changing books of the year. The judges then picked one overall winner from the winners of those 11 categories. We’re delighted to announce The Human Edge: How Curiosity & Creativity Are Your Superpowers In The Digital Economy by Greg Orme won Business Book of the Year 2020.

The Business Book Awards, now in their third year, are celebrated for their drive to make the business book world as diverse and inclusive as possible – championing women authors and authors from diverse backgrounds. This year saw the launch of a new award for an exceptional book that promotes diversity – won by Babita Sharma, author of The Corner Shop.


Overall Winner

  • The Human Edge: How Curiosity & Creativity Are Your Superpowers In The Digital Economy by Greg Orme

Start-up Inspiration

  • How To Have A Happy Hustle: The Complete Guide To Making Your Ideas Happen by Bec Evans

Sales & Marketing

  • Your Business, Your Book: How To Plan, Write & Promote That Book That Puts You In The Spotlight by Ginny Carter

HR & Management

  • Boards: A Practical Perspective by Patrick Dunne

Sustainable Change

  • The Human Edge: How Curiosity & Creativity Are Your Superpowers In The Digital Economy by Greg Orme

Leadership for the Future

  • No Bullsh*t Leadership: Why The World Needs More Everyday Leaders & Why That Leader Is You by Chris Hirst

Business Self-development

  • Add then Multiply: How Small Businesses Can Think Like Big Businesses and Achieve Exponential Growth by David B. Horne

Personal Development & Wellbeing

  • Physical Intelligence: Harness Your Body’s Untapped Intelligence to Achieve More, Stress Less and Live More Happily by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton

Short Business Book

  • Gold Rush 2020: Why The Time To Invest In Gold Is Right Now by Phil Taylor-Guck

Specialist Book

  • People Powered: How Communities Can Supercharge Your Business, Brand & Teams by Jono Bacon

International Business Book

  • The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose by Chris Wilson and Bret Witter

An Exceptional Book That Promotes Diversity

  • The Corner Shop by Babita Sharma


Founder of the Business Book Awards, Lucy McCarraher said:

“The Business Book Awards are now in their 3rd year and it was really exciting to see almost double the entries this year than last year – authors and publishers are seeing the huge potential of having their books shortlisted. Last year we introduced a special award for an exceptional book by a woman and this year we have seen the number of women entries increase from 30% to 40%. I’m still gunning for a 50-50 split next year! This year we have concentrated on diversity in its broadest sense. Our authors have written about more diverse subjects, including equality and diversity, our judging panel is more diverse than ever and our special award this year is for an exceptional book that promotes diversity.”

Winner of Business Book of the Year 2020, Greg Orme said:

“I’m so grateful and thankful that my work has been honoured in this way. I wrote this book for anybody who wants to future-proof their career in a world of technological disruption and machines. Of course we see the world now being disrupted like it’s never been before but we need to respond in a creative and curious way. It’s more important now than it’s ever been. I’d like to think of The Human Edge as a subversive handbook to keep underneath your desk to ignite your human superpowers, even without the permission of your boss.”